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Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Business Issues | 0 comments

Success in Business is all in the Mind

There is a common belief that people who are “doers” are more successful in business because they get things done. Other terms used to refer to these active people are “movers” and “shakers.” This is undoubtedly true when you are referring to people who have a task to do.

But what if you need someone who thinks rather than acts?

People with big ideas are often decried as “dreamers” as if that was a dirty word, but other words that may apply included “visionary” and “creative.” It all depends on where these ideas lead, and what will be done to make it a reality.

Dreamers are an integral part of the business process at any stage of its development. New businesses cannot get off the ground without a good concept. Established businesses need to keep their product or service offerings consistent but also to offer something new on occasion to maintain and expand their market share. Sometimes, it is also necessary to be able to “think outside the box” to solve problems that appear to have no solutions.

Dreamers and doers are not mutually exclusive concepts; a successful entrepreneur needs to be both, especially when operating a small business. To paraphrase author T.E. Lawrence, people who are successful in business are those who dream with their eyes open.

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