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Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in Law | 0 comments

Injured on a cruise: does this lawsuit actually have merit?

I try not to pay attention to the news outlet, TMZ, since it seems that their stories usually involve an annoying celebrity doing something ridiculous in public. A story they published recently, however, caught my eye, and I had to do a little more research about it. The story involves a woman who was injured when she slipped and fell in the restroom on a Princess cruise, and now she is suing the cruise liner for negligence.

Now, ¬†will be the¬†first person to say that I love cruise ships and going on cruises is one of my favorite vacations to take. That said, I too have noticed that cruise ships often can be dangerous for the guests, whether from slippery decks, lack of signs alerting guests to hazards, and a general feeling that the crew is overwhelmed by the constant demands of the guests. This means that they often cannot keep up with the maintenance demands, and by day six of any cruise I’ve been on, there are definitely some hazardous areas that often go unnoticed by the cleaning staff.

In the TMZ story, the woman, Julienne Buchanan filed a lawsuit after she slipped and fell in one of the ship’s public restrooms. The suit claims that the toilets were overflowing with sewage, which led her to slip and fall, and caused her to strike her face on a nearby door sill. She also reported a cut to her face and pain in her neck and chest caused by the fall, which left her unconscious in the restroom, where she was later found and treated. Because she was laying in the wastewater, she was given a tetanus shot and was given antibiotics to ward off illness on top of the injuries she suffered in the fall.

While this story seems a bit extreme (I never saw overflowing sewage on any of the cruises I was on), I can easily see that happening. It makes me wonder what type of action I would take if I was hurt on a cruise. Would I sue? Would I be forced to take legal action, even if I didn’t truly want to, but I needed to pay for the medical expenses? I believe that I would take legal action if I were the woman in this story, because the crew should have done something to protect her from harm. Signage should have been posted, and the waste should have been cleaned up before she was allowed to enter the restroom. It makes sense for a cruise ship passenger to file a lawsuit, and I learned that passenger claims are not all that rare, according to this Florida attorney’s site that I found.

Ultimately, I believe I would take action if I were hurt on a cruise ship, especially if the crew could have or should have known about the danger. A slip and fall accident like the one this woman suffered did not have to happen, yet she was injured as a result. I don’t blame her for filing the lawsuit!


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