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Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Automotive Accidents | 0 comments

Speeding: Choosing Danger over Safety

A car’s speed is one of the major factors that determine safety on the road. While over speeding will definitely mean shorter time of travel, it will also increase the risk of car crash, wherein damage to property is greater and physical injury, more severe.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in fact, reports that speeding is one of the top causes of car wrecks and accidental deaths; other causes are DWI or driving while impaired and driver error, which includes distracted driving. The government’s move to enact laws and strictly implement these, in an effort to reduce the number of accidents due to DWI and driver error, are slowly, but gradually, raking positive results: it is not the same, however, when it comes to over speeding. This is because while majority of drivers take speeding as a threat to road safety, they, themselves, are guilty of violating this traffic safety rule.

Driving at excessive speed can mean going beyond the maximum speed limit or driving at the allowed maximum speed, but on occasions when road condition is not totally safe, like when there is road construction going on, mist or fog, or when the road is wet and slippery due to heavy rain or snow. Some of the other reasons why drivers over speed, include:

  • The thought that over speeding is neither dangerous nor a serious offense
  • The need to be on time for an appointment or so as not to be late for work
  • Non-concern about causing injury to other drivers or pedestrians and damage to cars since insurance firms will shoulder the burden of costs
  • The belief that, though over speeding, they are still in perfect control of their vehicle
  • Not being aware of what the speed limit is

Every year, there are about 13,000 lives that are lost due to driving over the speed limit – and the ones most guilty of this traffic violation are  young males drivers aged 17 to 24. When driving at illegal and inappropriate speeds, it will take longer for cars to stop; drivers will also have lesser time to assess and react to whatever dangers they may be faced with. Over speeding also makes driver errors much more dangerous, causing injuries that are more severe and turning what may only be near misses into a fatal crash and a total car wreck.

On its website, the Sampson Law Firm in Louisville speaks about the possible injuries a victim can sustain in a car accident, ranging from minor bruises to spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury – any of which can cause physical trauma and costly medical treatment plus loss of income due to inability to render time for work. And though victims may be legally entitled to compensation, their lives will be forever changed, simply because of the negligence and irresponsible acts of other drivers on the road.

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